Your personal eBird sightings can be downloaded as a CSV file through the eBird website. This function reads the eBird data file, cleans up the variable names, and performs some basic processing.

eb_sightings(file, countable = FALSE)



character; name of your personal eBird sightings files. This file can be downloaded from the eBird website.


logical; whether to only return countable species, i.e. those that are counted on your life list by eBird.


A dplyr::tibble, with additional class eb_sightings, containing your personal sightings.


Some "species" reported on ebird are not true species. For example, they may be domestic or not resolved to the species level (e.g. Empidonax sp. or Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs), in which case they do not count towards your life list. Alternatively, sightings may be reported below the species level (e.g. subspecies or recognizable forms), in which case they must be rolled up to species level prior to reporting. Addiontal fields from the ebird taxonomy (eb_taxonomy) are added to the sightings data set to resolve these cases. The category field can be used to identify different categories of "species". The report_as, species_common, and species_scientific fields identify the true species corresponding to taxa reported below species. these fields are all NA for taxa not resolvable to species.


system.file("extdata/MyEBirdData.csv", package = "auklet") %>% eb_sightings()
#> # A tibble: 7,048 x 29 #> submission_id taxon_order category species_code #> <chr> <dbl> <chr> <chr> #> 1 S18674562 214 species wfwduc1 #> 2 S18586095 215 species bbwduc #> 3 S12725047 237 species gwfgoo #> 4 S9656769 237 species gwfgoo #> 5 S7828071 237 species gwfgoo #> 6 S28965809 237 species gwfgoo #> 7 S7828071 251 domestic gragoo1 #> 8 S7828048 254 species snogoo #> 9 S7828071 254 species snogoo #> 10 S28961871 254 species snogoo #> # ... with 7,038 more rows, and 25 more variables: name_common <chr>, #> # name_scientific <chr>, order <chr>, family <chr>, report_as <chr>, #> # species_common <chr>, species_scientific <chr>, count <chr>, country <chr>, #> # state_province <chr>, county <chr>, location <chr>, latitude <dbl>, #> # longitude <dbl>, date <date>, time <time>, protocol <chr>, duration <int>, #> # all_obs_reported <lgl>, distance_traveled <dbl>, area_covered <chr>, #> # number_of_observers <int>, breeding_code <chr>, species_comments <chr>, #> # checklist_comments <chr>