Extracting eBird Data From a Polygon

A short post demonstrating how to use the R package auk to extract eBird data from within a study area defined by a polyon or Shapefile.

eBird Status & Trends

Linking bird sightings from [eBird](https://ebird.org/) with habitat information from satellites to model when and where birds occur. This project estimates the distribution, abundance, and trends of bird populations at high spatial and temporal resolution across the entire Western Hemisphere.

eBird Best Practices

This open source book outlines a set of best practices for using eBird data to estimate species distributions in R. It covers accessing and pre-processing eBird data, preparing satellite-derived habitat variables for use as model covariates, and best practices for model encounter rate, occupancy, and abundance using eBird data.


This R package provides access to [eBird Status and Trends](https://ebird.org/science/status-and-trends) data for over 600 North American bird species. These data include weekly estimates of relative abundance and occurrence at high spatial resolution across the entire Western Hemisphere.


An R package to access and analyze bird observation data from [eBird](https://ebird.org/), the largest biodiversity-related citizen science project in the world. Observations can be extracted based on a variety of taxonomic, spatial, and temporal filters. `auk` also includes tools for importing and processing eBird data in R.