Extracting eBird Data From a Polygon

A short post demonstrating how to use the R package auk to extract eBird data from within a study area defined by a polyon or Shapefile.

Raster Summarization in Python

As part of the eBird Status & Trends team, I often find myself having to quickly summarize large rasters across layers. For examples, we might summarize weekly relative abundance layers for a single species across the weeks to estimate year round abundance or, for a given week, we might summarize across species to produce a species richness layer.

Efficient Block Processing of Rasters in R

In this post, I examine how the size of blocks impacts the efficiency of block processing raster data in R

Processing Large Rasters in R

Investigating how raster data are processed in R to improve the efficiency of processing large raster files.

Fishnets and Honeycomb: Square vs. Hexagonal Spatial Grids

Exploring the benefits of hexagonal grids relative to square grids for spatial sampling and analysis, and generating hexagonal grids in R.